How to make a Fondant Bumble Bee Cake

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How to make a Fondant Bumble Bee Cake

How to make a Fondant Bumble Bee Cake

I first saw this cake in one of Mayen’s videos and immediately fell in love with it. I had to make it. Later I saw the original picture of this cake in one of Debbi Brown’s books. I put together a video on how to make a bumble bee cake, so that others could get a guidline to start with. Please let me know your comments on this cake.
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  1. ren9898, 3 years ago Reply

    I love your cake it is so cute! I was just wondering did you use paste or liquid colour? How did you make the black fondent? Also are your flowers made from mmf too? :)

  2. PurthePoohBear, 3 years ago Reply

    Hi iliruzanna94, I am glad to know you liked my cakes….there are more cake videos in my channel. Hope you like them too.

  3. iliruzanna94, 3 years ago Reply


  4. PurthePoohBear, 3 years ago Reply

    Sorry Mosaicscne, took me a while to reply, well yes I make my own fondant with Marshmellow.

  5. mosaicscene, 3 years ago Reply

    <3 the cake. Do you make your own fondant?

  6. kukikids, 3 years ago Reply

    i like a lot this video : )) is very nice .You did nice work with the fondant ans your bees are so cute :) )

  7. PurthePoohBear, 3 years ago Reply

    Thanks Mayen, motivating compliments from my Guru’s are a huge boost.
    Thank you so much.

  8. 09165067633, 3 years ago Reply

    wohoo!!! I love this one. wonderful work and Thanks so much for the mention. Im sure your friend loved it! Who wouldn’t???

  9. PurthePoohBear, 3 years ago Reply

    Hey Laura, thank you so much.
    This compliment coming from you is so huge for me.
    You just made my day :) .

  10. laurapoopie, 3 years ago Reply

    ADORABLE Purbasha! You did a wonderful job with the fondant! You are progressing very nicely! Good job! :)

  11. chigupeg, 3 years ago Reply

    Hi Michelle,
    I love your videos ..your cakes are amazing … it is your gift … I ve just attended a few workshops and loved it … You inspire me so much and keep on sharing your gift with us …. Peggy

  12. x0xkathleen, 3 years ago Reply

    thank you SO much :) i plan on making my first fondant cake this weekend, for a friends babyshower, and thought the blocks with the babies name on it, would be adorable! i am deffinatley favoring this page! Take care :) & Thanks Again !

  13. aymara1975, 3 years ago Reply

    thank you, I love all your videos and Ideas!!!

  14. jody802202, 3 years ago Reply

    how do you get the sides of the cake into the diamond look?

  15. InspiredByMichelle, 3 years ago Reply

    @Cookiemother2 Hi I’m in Australia to and Tylose is easy to get. It is also called CMC. You will be able to get it from cake decorating supply stores not from supermarkets and I don’t think health food stores carry it but they may. I know Cake Decorating Central carry it and they do mail order.
    Thanks for watching. Bye for now, Michelle

  16. Cookiemother2, 3 years ago Reply

    thank you for this video. I am in Australia & can’t find a web definition for tylose powder, can you please help me? Thanks so much for your time!

  17. volovan81, 3 years ago Reply

    eres maravillosa. : ) saludos desde México

  18. dantwaz, 3 years ago Reply

    Thanks for sharing Michelle. Your cakes are soo lovely.
    Danielle x

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