How To Create A Fondant Face

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How To Create A Fondant Face

<2>Fondant Cake Tutorial: How To Create A Fondant Face

Many people have asked how to do my faces so in this video I take you through the steps to create a fondant face.
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  1. twinkyjinxing, 3 years ago Reply

    @funnystrawberry100 obviously you were not paying attention. I was defending her from somebody else’s rude comment and I complemented the video. Please pay attention and look at the entire feed before you reply, kthanks.

  2. funnystrawberry100, 3 years ago Reply

    @JessiCakesProject u are sooooo positive :D

  3. funnystrawberry100, 3 years ago Reply

    @twinkyjinxing if you think its too fast or too slow then u dont have to watch it. im not trying to be a brat its just that its HER video and i think that SHE should go at which ever pace she would want to. she’s just trying to help people.

  4. Mistolover, 3 years ago Reply

    Thankyou so much for putting this up! Was an amazing help!

  5. twinkyjinxing, 3 years ago Reply

    @avgoustospe Did you ever think that maybe she needs to go at that pace to help people learn? There is nothing worse that watching these videos and they go so fast that you cant even see what they are doing. Get a grip!

  6. twinkyjinxing, 3 years ago Reply

    Amazing! Thank you so much for taking the time to do this. I am so very grateful for your help!

  7. JessiCakesProject, 3 years ago Reply

    Thank you for this tutorial. I’ve learned a lot. To me your speed is just right. Those who complain cannot just be grateful that you’re saving them a lot of money by not attending formal classes. Continue doing what you’re doing. You’re doing a great job!

  8. sugarinthesky, 3 years ago Reply

    @tryingcake exactly!
    me, too!
    great perfect amazing video! i just added you to my subscriptions! :)

  9. zorayaj68, 3 years ago Reply

    great tutorial, thanks so much!

  10. octoberGold24, 3 years ago Reply

    The fugure looked really nice and cute too
    I make my own fondant
    In the vidoe I could get only Copper flush tone but could you tell me make of the color
    Also how much Tylose should be added to fondant

  11. tryingcake, 3 years ago Reply

    Who cares if you are fast or slow? You are teaching and I’m very appreciative of that.

  12. nikkimuffin18, 3 years ago Reply

    thank you for going through the steps slowly and explaining the tools! faces of people are the hardest for me and this video helped a lot! thanks again!!

  13. donnalane626, 3 years ago Reply

    @rhonda1304 Americolor edible markers

  14. TheNameSara, 3 years ago Reply

    LOVE youre work… where can i by Tylose?

  15. donnalane626, 3 years ago Reply

    You know some people are just soo rude to be honest, In the beginning I was told I went too fast so I slow down and now people want to complain that I am too slow so am going to let those certain people know that these are MY how to videos and I do them for those who want to learn so if I am too slow or too fast for you then you know what click away from my page and figure things out for yourself since you seem to have it all figured out anyway!!

  16. avgoustospe, 3 years ago Reply


  17. crazy316grl1, 3 years ago Reply

    He is so cute!

  18. rhonda1304, 3 years ago Reply

    HI..what kind of markers are you using??

  19. STELLINA782, 3 years ago Reply

    sei bravissima!!!mi sai dire gli ingredienti per fare questa pasta.

  20. CrazyHorsies, 3 years ago Reply

    and i have my two balls, already prepared…

  21. elidee143, 3 years ago Reply

    Thank you thank you soooo very much!!

  22. theartistedge, 3 years ago Reply

    Hello Donna,
    Great video! Can you clarify which clay shaper you are using, size as well as the size and perhaps a good place to purchase.

  23. coquinaria626, 3 years ago Reply

    Hi donna, thank for this video. Which color do you use for peach? do you use yellow and red? thanks for answer.

  24. dantwaz, 3 years ago Reply

    Donna thanks so much for doing these videos you make it look really simple, now I just have to get the courage up to try it! I’ve tried a few figurines before, but am going to give yours a try.
    Thanks again!
    Danielle x

  25. rivergod151, 3 years ago Reply

    you can buy special markers in cake supply stores that are designed to be used on cakes etc and are completely safe for consumption and they are reasonably priced…hope that helps

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