Colorful Fondant Cut Out Cake Decorations

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Colorful Fondant Cut Out Cake Decorations

Colorful Fondant Cut Out Cake Decorations

Decorating your kid’s cake has never been easier! Learn how to make cutouts with colorful fondant, and see how to make a simple fondant border.


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  1. PineappleCutie95, 3 years ago Reply

    i dont like this lady she shouldnt be giving these videos, plus real bakers dont even use half of the things she needs and do it better

  2. thefirstcoolone, 3 years ago Reply

    I hope you don’t eat the cake, you touched your hair and then touch the food. You might consider a food handler permit. But you are very creative.Thank you. Your watch is huge WHAT TIME IT IS?

  3. sshiloff, 3 years ago Reply

    what can you use to replace gum glue??????

  4. jbsongco2010, 3 years ago Reply

    yeah…tie the hair back…and please loosen up a seem a bit uptight…it’s like you’re doing the news instead of making fun fondant decorations.

  5. BritgirlTX, 3 years ago Reply

    informative video … but you need to tie that hair back … just sayin’ …

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